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1. Whitehaven Beach. Whitsunday Island, Australia

This 7km long beach is only accessible by boat. It is the most photographed beach in Australia, due to its white sands and the crystal clear aqua waters. In 2010, CNN named this beach ‘The World’s Top Eco-Friendly Beach’. Also, in 2008, this beach was awarded Queensland’s Cleanest Beach.

natural wonders - whitehaven beach, australia


2. Waianapanapa Black Sand Beach. Maui, Hawaii.

This curious beach was formed by waves crashing against volcanic rocks decades after decades. You will be able to see bridges made of natural stone or amazing caves. But if you are planning to visit it, you should better do it during the summer months, when the swell is soft and there is low tide.

natural wonders - waianapanapa black sand beach, hawaii


3. Grand Anse Beach. La Digue, Seychelles.

It is one of the most photographed beaches in the world. The sands of the beach sparkle against into the towering granite boulders. The waters are quite shallow, and they are also protected from the ocean’s waves by a reef. If you want to feel like in a movie set, you have to go!

natural wonders - grand anse beach, seychelles


4. Vaadhoo Island Beaches. Raa Atoll, Maldives.

The magic water of the beaches in Vaadhoo Island seem to mirror the stars. This effect is due to marine microbes called phytoplankton, which bioluminesce creating brilliant blue glow. This phenomenon makes the shore look like the outer space.

natural wonders - vaadhoo island, maldives

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  1. Lovely

  2. woow. It looks like there were stars in the water!

  3. This is a good selection, becouse it’s very difficult select only four. Congratulations

  4. What a lovely picture from Maldives. I’m planning to go to Maldives next month and I will plan to visit Vaadhoo Island. I don’t want to loose to watch this incredible efect in the see. Thanks for your information!!!

    • You should definitely visit Vaadhoo Island if you are hanging around! Tell us what you think of when you’re back!

  5. Magnificas imágenes!!!

  6. loved it..really love to on beach too…hahaha

  7. amazing i love it

  8. It seems false. You must to make it much real. Hurry up!

  9. WOW!

  10. WOW!!! Whitehaven Beach is amazing! I couldn’t even imagine how an incredible beach like that one could exist, you really look carefully fore those photos, keep on like that, you are really cracking!!!

    • Thank your Michael for sharing you opinions with us! Here in Natural Wonders you will see places you never imagined they existed

  11. abdulrahman almulla

    Amazing !!!

  12. Hace 3 años tuve la suerte de estar en seychelles y fui hasta la isla de la digue!! Lo cierto es que la playa que sale en la foto es genial pero aconsejo ir por la mañana! Por la tarde y a causa de la luz del sol el agua se vuelve verde y pierde el color tan bonito que tiene al principio por la mañana

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